Indigo Therapeutics

Full range capabilities at scale.

Indigo Therapeutics offers high capacity ethanol, hydrocarbon, and solventless extraction services.

Solventless Processing

Mechanically separated shatter, sauce, butter, wax, and THCA.

Multiple grade THC distillate

Multiple grades and viscosities available to fit your application.

Cured resin production

Shatter, sap, THCA, sauce, and wax from hydrocarbon.

Live resin processing

Optimal terpene capture and potency through proprietary processing

Cryogenic ethanol extraction

Optimized extraction for distillation

THCA isolate and crystalline

High purity THCA conversion services and bulk reagent.

100% Cannabis Bulk Flavor

Flavor vapor pens, and other vapor products with high terpene oil.

Pesticide Remediation

Scaled options for reducing and removing pesticides.

State license holding adult-use and medical business